Monday, 14 May 2012

Most Wanted // Spring Picks!

1. Blouse£45 Virgos Lounge 
2. Sunglasses £16 Topshop
3. Wrap Bracelet £16.95 Cinderelab
4. Wedges £45 Topshop
5. Glitter Shoes £60 Topshop
6. Coral Skirt £28 Topshop
7. Peplum Top £12.99 H&M
8. Lace Dress £35 River Island

1// I've had my eye on Virgos Lounge for a while now, and this is one of my favourite pieces from their spring collection. I'm just a little bit wary of their sizing and quality - Does anybody have any experience they'd care to share?

5// These shoes have stolen my heart - They remind me very subtly of those Miu Miu glitter boots I know I'll never own. These, however, are close enough. I'll take them!

Whatever happened to the weather? We were teased with a day or two of half decent weather before everything plummeted back into the inevitable misery yet again. Mind you, if it was sunny I'd still be moaning -  Because I've been stuck in the library from morning to evening, pah. 

S xx


  1. such lovely garments,the shoes are lovely!

  2. I think I could easily buy everything you've listed! Love the soft pastel sandals and also the blouse from Virgo Lounge.. Gorgeous!x

  3. That embellished tee is amazing, I have not heard of Virgos Lounge before, but I am off to check them out now - In love!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. I tried on that river island dress in cream/beige at the weekend as I love it, shame it didn't suit me at all. I think I like it even more in navy!xxx

  5. Gorgeous Spring picks girl. In love with those gorgeous shoes:)xx

  6. eThose glitter shoes are like the Miu Miu ones, but I feel like they could be easily DIY-ed too...but, I really want a peplum top too!

    Nice picks!


  7. numero 8 is GORGEOUS! i can imagine that with bare legs and tights - altho i guess it'll be tights in this weather :(

  8. I love number eight and number nine! Those glitter heels are gorgeous! xx

  9. i like your choices! do you want to follow each other on google friend connect? if so, follow me and i'll follow back :) xxx

  10. The coral skirt and the wedges are sooo pretty! Great picks!


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