Friday, 25 May 2012

GHD Style and Protect // Managing fine, frizzy hair

I've never been a fan of GHD. I've tried their famous hair straighteners a few times and they never lived up to my lesser known Corioliss goodies. GHD have marketed their range perfectly and seemingly everybody has bought into the hype. When I was asked to try the contents of the GHD Style and Protect gift set, I opened my mind and gave it a go. I blow dry my hair a lot, and so it needs all the help it can get during this process, and I never even knew that GHD made hair products beyond straighteners! 

I've been using these products for a few weeks now. My hair is coloured, fine, and very dry at the ends. First off, I'm going to put it simply: The Straight & Smooth spray has quickly become one of my must-haves. It protects from heat, smells absolutely divine, and it lasts; something that is important to me! As well as this, it really does make a difference, reducing frizz and actually leaving my hair quite shiny! I've only sprayed this on my hair before blow drying - But apparently it works really well as a freshen up, sprayed on the hair and then meeting with a straightening iron.

I also like the Final Shine spray, I'll use it up but I'm not sure I'd repurchase. It definitely increases shine without oiliness, probably because its in an aerosol can. This gives an even mist rather than accidentally applying too much! I just think my hair is shiny enough with the Straight & Smooth spray and a bit of Moroccan Oil on the ends.

The accessories in the box are also helpful for blow drying, and I've swapped round brushes for my paddle brush - Much easier to manage!
All round, I can think of at least one friend that this gift would be perfect for - She is a GHD addict, has amazing long hair to be proud of,  and this luxurious set would look gorgeous amongst her high end dressing table!

Has anyone else tried this?
What GHD products do you love?

S xx



  1. Thanks for the post... I need to do this, my hair is terrible.

  2. This looks like a good little set! I've never tried anything from GHD before!

  3. I never tried GHD, where do you get it and how much is it? (Diana form

  4. I LOVE the straight and smooth spray too, it's so so nice on my hair. But i agree with you, I don't find GHD as brilliant as everyone else seems to either! I have a pair of Cloud Nine hair straightners and I would never go back now they are incredible!!!


  5. I love using Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil to tackle frizz, my hair is curly and gets really frizzy but the oil tames it and smooths it down. Now I have shiny, soft and nourished hair :)

  6. Wow - will definitely have to try GHD! I bet combined with the right hair straightener and hair dryer, a frizz head like me could have almost perfect hair again! Thanks for the info!


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