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Jamela Luxurious GOLD Crystal Collagen Facial Mask

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Jamela claim that their luxurious gold crystal collagen face masks penetrate moisture into the skin 10 times faster than a standard type, with less fuss. It is claimed that this mask tightens the skin and removes toxins, in turn brightening your complexion and softening your skin. 
 I was wondering if gold actually has any positivity for the skin, or if its just a huge gimmick, so I immediately looked up the ingredients and was happy with the results:

Plant Collagen - So, not derived from animals, thats good right?
Mineral Dust (Gold) - This is a funny one, in some places I've read that there are no evidence of benefits, is an irritant, or more commonly is fantastic for cell renewal, the great rejuvenating property this mask claims.
Moisture Factors
Antibacterial Factors - I'm not entirely sure what exactly these may be!
Vitamin E - A well known healing ingredient, said to be an anti-oxidant superstar over at CosmeticsCop
Hyaluronic Acid - Also rated at Cosmetics Cop, said to replace moisture and prevent further dryness.
Rose Essence - Another good antioxidant.
Distilled Water

Jamela use no synthetic fragrance or alcohol, and don't test on animals, so that was a winner straight away. The masks themselves are a stretchy but strong gel-like substance concealed within collagen liquid!


I used the first mask a few hours before getting ready for a big night out, which was a big risk, but I was too excited to wait. My skin has been looking dull and congested lately, and I've had a little break out, so a treat was required, quick! Jamela recommend that the mask is left on for at least 30 minutes, but ideally 2-5 or overnight. I managed to keep it on for just over an hour - I was just too excited to see if it had instantly brightened my complexion, as promised.

The mask felt cooling and calming, with a subtle rose scent and was comfortable to wear albeit a little awkward initially to apply around the mouth.Overall it was definitely a relaxing experience (and scary for my boyfriend)!

So did it make any difference? Well, I've only used the one and it didn't seem to do anything, but I really enjoyed wearing it despite looking like an extra from a horror film. Jamela also recommend dropping your used mask into your bath to melt it and bring benefit to your whole body too, but I'd only recommend this if you don't mind picking up a load of slime afterwards! 
 My skin definitely looked temporarily healthier and improved in tone around my nose and cheeks which is where I usually suffer from redness, and my whole face is smoother to touch, but longer term, it hasn't made any difference whatsoever to my angry looking red breakout near my chin (and I shouldn't really expect it to eh)?! 
It was easy to use and genuinely relaxing, and although I initially thought £37.50 was a little steep for 5 masks (£7.50 each) its not that much when you think about how much this might cost in a salon. Would I buy these again? Maybe... I just wish they sold them individually to benefit my student purse! 

Has anybody else tried these or planning to?

S x


  1. great review!!

  2. I do like the look of these masks,so much easier than the traditional face mask. Great review thanks:))

  3. This looks like a really great product and sounds really easy to use.
    I have to agree with you about packaging, I'm definitely guilty of favouring products that look professional and come in pretty packaging!

    Gillian x

  4. My friend just bought a pack of these online, they would make a great pamper night in with the girlfriends :)

  5. It looks lovely and relaxing :) The price doesn't seem too high when you think how much you'd pay for a treatment in a salon!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. My boyfriend's sister gave me a collagen mask, but I don't think it has gold in it. I am really keen to use skin has been playing up lately too!

    Good review :) Thanks for putting this up!

    - Fifi

  7. You can get them from from £1.65 from ebay, or even cheaper in bulks :)

    1. you can buy fake copies of anything on ebay. I bought the gold masks from jamela skin care after reading their website.The reviews from the press and bloggers are amazing and the masks actually work.

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  9. I love the look of these! :)
    If they sold them individually I would definitely buy some!

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