Thursday, 9 February 2012

What I Wore // Matalan Style Project // 'Spring Sorbet'

Admittedly, Matalan has never been one of the staples on my list when looking for a new outfit. When I was younger my mum used to dress me head to toe in Matalan and that probably has a lot to do with why I've never paid too much attention to it in my adulthood - I'll never forget the fur collared jumper she bought me when I was 13, telling the cashier that I was too much of a tomboy and she was trying to 'feminise' me...! 

Theres a reasonable sized Matalan very close to me however, so I have been known to wander in and out when I'm bored. I was excited when Matalan asked me to take part in their Style Project challenge, with a 'Spring Sorbet' theme. My best friend used to work at Matalan and I was always so jealous of the gems she found whilst all I could ever find for myself other than their amazing home bits, were vest tops and pyjamas. Time to pay attention!

Whilst browsing, I spotted a few obvious items, and key pastel garments that I could've put with anything, but I wanted to put a few things together; I wasn't going to be happy until I looked like those tubes of multi-coloured sherbert and candy shop galore. I went for some pale blue/purple jeans, a pale yellow vest, and added a striped blazer to add a bit of texture. Oh, and nude shoes!

Heres what I came up with:

Blazer - Matalan
Top - Matalan
Jeans - Matalan
Shoes - Matalan

I spent over an hour in Matalan armed with items and a £50 voucher - When you spend a good amount of time in there looking round properly, the place is a gold mine. I bought myself a jumper and *the* perfect shirt I've always searched for, and they were so cheap! I must admit that the quality has also improved dramatically from what I remember of Matalan, and you'll definitely be seeing more of them in my 'What I Wore' posts!

If you like this outfit, please take a moment to vote for me HERE - I know I have no chance of winning this beside the other lovely ladies, but hey! 

Putting this outfit together made me SO excited for spring, as cold as it is at the moment! 
Will you be embracing the up and coming pastels trend? 

S xx



  1. I love the pastel jeans, they look gorgeous with the striped blazer! So many lovely things in at Matalan right now. I'll definitely be embracing spring pastels :)

    Caroline x

  2. i LOVE these jeans, great picks sweet xxxx

  3. Love the colours you chose for this! Especially the trousers, they also suit you really well! I have one of those tops that you're wearing, there so versatile, and go with pretty much anything!x

  4. Love the shoes, so pretty :) And the stripes are cool too! Great choice xx

  5. I really love those jeans, you look amazing! :)
    Hope you win! x

  6. I'm loving the jeans too! I never go into Matalan either, but this post may have swayed me to pay mine a visit! Voted for you :)

    Good luck!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous hun! Voted for you! You look beautiful and I love the unique colours you picked!


  8. just gorgeous, I'm in love with the outfit and just voted for you! best of luck<3

  9. I got lots of information by your post. Everything define in this post very beautiful way. You should continue do this type of post.

  10. Great coloured jeans, absolutely love them! You're gorgeous!

    The Urban Umbrella

  11. hey that a really nice update on this... thanks for sharing the information..


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