Sunday, 15 January 2012

Most Wanted // New year, new list.

1 //  'Tillie' bag £477 Mulberry
2 // Leopard Satchel £80 ASOS
3 // Black/grey shoes £98 Melissa
4 // Wooden cross earrings £5 Topshop
5 // Grey midi length dress £34 Topshop
6 // Scallop jacket £65 Topshop
7 // Silver clutch £6.99 Zara
8 // Stripy parrot jumper £46 Topshop
9 // Pink/red dress £38 ASOS

1 // 
I've wanted a Mulberry bag for years now, and it all started with the Roxanne. I still longing, and love this smaller bag. I promise, when I graduate and get myself back into full time work, Mulberry will be presented with the honour of my first pay cheque. 
It'll take me the next 15 minutes until I graduate to come to terms with the price. 

3 // 
I love Melissa shoes! I have a pair already and they fit perfectly and are so comfortable, and this gradient design is different whilst subtle - I just wish they didn't have the strap.

5 //
I'm really curious about this one - I love it, and have an American Apparel dress in a similar style, but shorter - A length I'm comfortable with. I've never even tried on anything midi length for fear of looking like a complete idiot. Plus, I'm not entirely sure what to wear it. But still, the curiosity lingers...

8 // 
How amazing is this pirate jumper? Yes, thats a parrot on the sleeve. Why is Topshop so overpriced?

S xx



  1. love the cut of that blazer! the asos leopard satchel seems just as appealing as the mulberry tillie but with a much much more appealing price tag! im a sucker for anything leopard print x

  2. I love the Topshop dress, but fear I may look very frumpy if I wore it.. Could definitely find a place for those shoes in my life though! Hx

  3. these are all really lovely items! x

    Also, i'm having an American Apparel / Models Own giveaway on my blog here: so please check it out!


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