Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Most Wanted // Christmas list! // Part 2

1// Powda Wowza £19.50 Benefit
2// Iced Delights in Sultry £31 Mac
3// Face Illuminator in Rose Rendevous £31 Laura Mercier
4// Acrylic strorage £11.50 Muji
5// Slippers £15 Accessorize
6// Sheer shirt £24 Lavish Alice
7// Glitter shoes £19 Next
8// Velvet glitter dress £46 Topshop
9// Necklace £12 Lavish Alice

I love Benefit products and they always last forever, so this is a great way for me to try three of the products I haven't yet tried for the price of one!
After seeing swatches of this colour I'm in love. I'm also a fool for packaging and the change in colour has caught me. 
I'm desperate for this after going to buy it in John Lewis only to find it was out of stock; and now I have no money - Sods law!
I do already have quite a few Muji storage boxes and swear by them for make up storage. However, my make up has actually started to spill out across my desk, so I could do with more really!
My old bootie slippers are worn away. After several attempts to stitch them back together (!) I think its time to say goodbye to them asap.
The glitter collar on this shirt has won my heart - I do wish it wasn't sheer so that the focus was solely on the collar, but this isn't enough of a negative to put me off it!
No matter how many pairs of gorgeous shoes I buy, I always feel best in black ballet pumps, so I might as well have some shiny ones! I'm pretty sure I saw a similar pair in Primark, hmm!
Loved this dress since I saw it, but spent my cash on Allegra boots at the time instead. I keep seeing it across a few blogs and feel twangs of jealousy. 
I love velvet, I love glitter, Santa, Santa, please deliver! (Bonus points for recognising this).
Quirky necklace to add to the collection, why not?

S xx



  1. I love that Topshop dress, perfect for wearing over Christmas! I really want some slipper boots too, it's gone so cold the last couple of days! x

  2. ok so i want everything on this list, might just send this link to my mum hahah x

  3. I'd love the storage! So cute and handy - you can see what you have on the spot! X

  4. oooh I'd like to try the powder wowza too, benefit will probably always be my favourite make up brand


  5. Love the Benefit powders, I want to try them too! The shirt is amazing as well, great picks :) x

  6. LOVE the shirt, found one like it in urban outfitters and was nearly double the price! might have to have a cheeky little buy with the shirt!

    please check out my blog -

  7. the velvet dress is soo nice. I love how at one point no one was sure about velvet but now everyone definitely loves it! I really need some more velvet in my wardrobe!!x

  8. I've been lusting over the velvet pieces from Topshop >=[ Ahhh i love what you have put together! I love the glitter collar shirt regardless of the sheer-ness

  9. Number 6 is gorgeous! Neeeeeed it in my wardrobe

  10. love the wishlist!! hope santa brings it all to you this year girlie!!

    xo xo xo

  11. I love this christmas list!! The sequins on the collar are beautiful!!! I have my list right here!!


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