Thursday, 1 December 2011

Instant Inch Loss // Laser Lipo or Electrolipolysis // Does it really work?

I recently received 8 weekly treatments of Electrolypolysis (or Laser Lipo as its more widely known), after my boyfriend received them in a business trade and didn't to use them himself. Pondering over my cellulite ridden wobbly thighs and stubborn love handles, how could I say no? After questioning on Twitter, I decided to share my experience.
The Science //
Electrolypolysis was formed as a beauty treatment after medics discovered a reduced volume of subcutaneous fat after using this as a hydration measurement during kidney dialysis. A number of warming paddles are placed on the skin, emitting pain free laser beams that penetrate the skin, raising metabolism in turn breaking down fat and causing a bit of a sweat.
As this is a non-invasive treatment, its advisable to break a sweat soon after the treatment to flush the left over contents through your lymphatic system and dispense via the bladder. This is where I was a bit naughty, as time has been incredibly tight lately due to my ever increasing workload. I've not been going to the gym, and my diet has been somewhat appalling also...!

The Salon //
Now, I'm one of those people that doesn't like awkward small talk and I'm also a little self concious. I've only ever been to a few recommended beauty salons for genuine fear of being judged. The girls at Beauty of Bedford made me feel incredibly relaxed which is fairly key when stripping down to underwear! I've always spent the 45 minute treatment chatting away happily to Emily or Selina. As stressed as I have been, this treatment became my down time, and the paddles actually feel therapeutic after the first few minutes. Adding other words of love for the salon, I've also had my eyebrows waxed by Maria and can honestly say I've found my eyebrow saviour, I won't be going anywhere else. 
The Details //
I was measured before each treatment, and a mark was made to ensure the same place was measured afterwards, and a result was always seen, an inch here and there, every time. A record was kept to compare before and after every visit, and I also measured myself at home. My problem was that the instant shrinkage would seem to regain again after a couple of days, so the next time I was in, my measurements, particularly around my thighs, were almost back to last weeks. Despite this, there has been a gradual decrease of my overall statistics over the 8 weeks.
The Results //

After all of the treatments, my thighs are both 1 inch slimmer and cellulite has definitely decreased, a result I wasn't expecting. I've also lost 1.5 inches measuring over my belly button and around my hips, and my size 14 jeans are now loose without a belt. I've also lost 3lb - Not bad for doing nothing, and I can only imagine the result had I actually followed the treatments by breaking a sweat! 

The biggest change has been the ever stubborn love handles. After 4 treatments the loss slowed down around this area so I focused on my thighs instead. 5 weeks later, my ever dreaded love handles are still the firmest they've ever been. I'm still a definite pear shape, but both myself and my boyfriend have noticed that there's a lot less to grab, and I'm thrilled about this.

Yes, I could eat well and exercise more but I genuinely haven't had chance recently. Considering that I seem to have lost bulk around my most stubborn areas (even when I was going to the gym 4 times a week), and cellulite has somehow been gently ironed out, I'm happy!

Is this something you'd ever do, or have you ever had something similar? 

Happy 1st December! 
S xx


  1. anything that can help you lose weight with minimal effort sounds pretty good to me! if its not too pricey i would consider having it done. one treatment i would love to try is hypoxi because i think i read it helps define your abs too? xx

  2. thanks for sharing your experience. You must be really pleased with the results. I am always really dubious of laser and 'magic' weight loss claims, but it's great that there has been a noticeable difference.

  3. I happily would for free but probably not if I had to pay. x hivenn

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