Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas chocolate cupcakes // Rudolph the red nosed cupcake!

The Christmas decorations are up, I've been to Winter Wonderland, I've bought my presents and wrapped them, and I've also watched elf. I am obviously feeling full of festivities right  now, and today I decided to top everything off by making some simple reindeer cupcakes. 

To make these cucpakes, simply whip together some chocolate cupcakes (I used my favourite recipe from the Hummingbirds Bakery cookbook) and some chocolate frosting.
Top with pretzels for antlers, icing with icing pen for eyes, and glazed cherries for Rudolph's shiny red nose!

Not long to go 'til Christmas Day! Has anyone else been baking yet? 

S xx


  1. Wow their fantastic , I think my mum and I are going to try our hands at reindeer bunsthey are so cute. :)

  2. They're so easy, I'd definitely recommend them!! :)

  3. Those cakes are gorgeous! I've watched Elf too - can't miss it at christmas! x

  4. I want these!

    I was baking yesterday, and planned on sharing the cakes with my family... but ended up eating them all myself...


  5. These are gorgeous! And they look so easy to do :) I've sort of done half christmas baking... I made a gingerbread house! xx

  6. They look great, love the pretzels for antlers! I made some gingerbread the other day :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas! x

  7. God they look goood! Hope you had a really lovely xmas babe :)


  8. yumyumyumYUM! I want one, save me one please! :) They look so good. Hope you had a lovely christmas, S! Wishing you a happy new year. enjoy the gin! All the very best! xxx

  9. OMG, so super cute...........xx


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