Saturday, 26 November 2011

What I Wore // Winter Warmers


Hat - Accessorize
Scarf - New Look
Top - F&F @ Tesco 
Cardigan - Primark
Ring - Dixi

It is freezing recently! I'd love to say I went out like this but in actual fact I did pull on a navy coat to keep myself from dying on the spot. I used to despise the restrictions of a big scarf but all of a sudden I love the warmth and the extra cuddle factor during the cold weather. Also, this sort of hat is the only one that doesn't look ridiculous on me - I love trilbys, bowler hats and the like, but I just look like a clown in them!


I've not updated anywhere near as much as I'd like to recently, and for that I'm sorry! I'm incredibly busy at the moment with medical placement in my weakest area, and the constant struggle to keep up with the workload as well as find the time to let off some steam. 


  1. Lovely red knits ! ^^
    Looking pretty girl. :>

    Have a nice weekend,
    xx indie by heart

  2. Love the red winter accessories, it really has gone freezing! x

  3. You look so wrapped up and warm - love the blue cardigan. X

  4. Totally don't blame you for putting a coat on over your outfit! It definitely is dreadfully cold outside recently.

    x Michelle |

  5. You look so warm! I need to come over to yours and borrow a scarf and hat! x

  6. I know what you mean, it's so freezing these days (BOO!) :)

    & thanks for the comment. I have no idea where that sign is, but I definitely have to find out. It's such a perfect photo place :)

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    Day By Diva


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