Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Most Wanted // Christmas list!

It might still be a little early, but I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, as its the first Christmas I'm spending with my boyfriend. As usual, getting excited this early usually means I'm sick of Christmas by the time it comes around, does anybody else do this? 

Anyway, heres my Christmas list this year, beside the far-fetched Marc Jacobs watch and Mulberry handbag *sigh*

1 // Mor lip balm £10.50 House of Fraser
2 // Mac Dazzlesphere pink ornament £25.50 Mac
3 // Benefit Porefressional primer £23.50 Boots
4 // Lancome Hypnose doll eyes mascara set £20.50 Boots
5 // Jamie Oliver cookbook £12 Amazon
6  // Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb £46.50 Boots
7 // Vivienne Westwood purse £125-£135 Vivianne Westwood
8 // Hunter boots £49.50 ASOS
9 // Striped dress £21.99 New Look

1 //
I'm craving Clinique's chubby sticks and Korres lip balm, but this gorgeous packaging and scent caught my eye, big time whilst browsing around House of Fraser. Now I 'need' it.
2 //
It takes me FOREVER to get through a full lip gloss, so this 4 pack of smaller sized products is perfect for me.
3 //
I've heard so many good things about this and am keen to try it out, has anyone tried it and had a bad experience?!
I've had a sample size of this which is now running out and I'm gutted. Its the perfect daytime subtle mascara. (nothing will ever beat Diorshow for dramatic looks)!
5 //
I seem to have developed a huge crush on Jamie Oliver for no reason, oh, and I love cookery books.
6 //
Although Gucci Flora is my all time favourite perfume, its nice to mix it up sometimes, and I adore this scent.
7 //
My 4 year old purse is falling apart and is currently being held together with sellotape. I can't bear to let it go until a find an equally perfect one, these two fit the bill nicely!
8 //
I've wanted a pair of Hunter wellies for ages, mainly to take the dog out for muddy walks in style!
9 //
A girl can never have too many stripes in my opinion. I have this dress in a solid red colour and its a gorgeous shape, I would welcome this beauty into my wardrobe with wide open arms and a huge grin.

What are you craving this Christmas?

S xx



  1. That dress! I wish it was in the US ;) And those rain boots are oh so cute!

    xx MaDonna

  2. I'm in love with my Hunter wellies, waited so long to get them and have not regretted it one bit x

  3. I need to get using my 30 minute meals book again, thans for reminding me.

  4. I love those Vivienne Westwood purses! I also want Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes, and agree Diorshow is the best mascara invented! x

  5. I really want the LancĂ´me mascara set, I think it will definitely be on my Christmas list :)

  6. Great list. :)
    Do you like follow each other? let me know. I´d be glad. Have a nice day. :)

  7. I was thinking of buying this New Look dress - it is so pretty and the shape is wonderful. X


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  9. Ahh the Mulberry purse and Marc Jacobs watch ought to be on there - they're on mine, unrealistic or what?! The Viktor & Rolf perfume is gorgeous isn't it, I always say I'm gonna switch things up and go for it but always go back to my fave Stella! p.s. thanks for the lovely blog comment - took me over 100 pics to get that face - pic 2 looks like I'm midway through eating, gorgeous, not!xx

  10. That dress is lovely, i'm obsessed with stripes! Thank you for your comment, Sarah. The restaurant was TGI Friday. I finally decided to log an official complaint this week, but they requested the reciept and my sister was the one that paid and she's lost the reciept. :( But you're right, anyone could've swallowed it and it would have been SO BAD. I will keep you posted! x

  11. the Vivienne purse so pretty!!! I love the holidays you can never be too early =)


    PS: Giveaway on my blog http://stylishlyme.com

  12. Sorry for taking to answer love!
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog!
    that nice post!, I have a new post!
    We read;

    a kiss, Claire.

  13. I want the VW purse and Hunter boots, too!

  14. Those boots are also on my list!!

  15. It's never too early for Christmas! My list is soooo long this year, it's obscene! It's this blogging malarky, exposes me too far too many gorgeous things - like everything on your list! XX

  16. I came to your blog after reading that you are a fellow tall person? I just started a blog just for us. I love your style- such great products! Subbed :) xx

  17. Lovely list for Santa! ;)

    I'm not really wishing for anything specially.. But all things sparkly, or fluffy warm things, or with a nice scent are very lovely and welcome. ^^

    Have a nice weekend,
    xx indie by heart

  18. Those Vivienne Westwood purses are gorge - deffo loving the red one though and it's burgundy lining - yum! xo

  19. This is the one I was talking about sorry! http://www.my-wardrobe.com/vivienne-westwood-accessories/red-continental-slim-purse-679226

  20. I have used the benefit porefessional. it is very good, but you should not use too much.


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