Sunday, 18 September 2011

Corioliss C2 Hair Straighteners / Neon Pro Ionic Hairdryer

I've had these straighteners for around 4 years now, and the hair-dryer has sat alongside it for around two years or so. I explicitly love this duo, and have done since the moment they came into my possession.

I bought the straighteners myself after my manager at the time had some delivered into our work. In awe of the red leopard print, I instantly wanted some. My hair is only wavy (and annoyingly flicky) natural, so I wasn't too bothered when she informed me that they sorted out her seemingly afro style hair in a matter of minutes. I just wanted the red leopard print. 

I fell in love with them instantly as they're incredibly slim and lightweight. The plates are made of titanium and are amazingly smooth, and are coated with nano silver particles, claiming to kill 99% of bacteria, and clean hair. I'd used GHD's plenty of times before, and these stamp all over the smug things. I find that GHD's, left my hair uber straight, but steamed, and it showed on my thin hair as it no longer moved the way it did before. Corioliss C2's leave my hair feeling and looking completely naturally straight, and I began to introduce them to everyone I knew. Anybody that has used my straighteners has exclaimed their instant love for them, as has everyone on-line that I've managed to convince to buy them. 

The hair-dryer came about just because the one I had was pretty rubbish, and I asked for this as a Christmas present to match my straighteners. They boast an ionic status, claiming to eliminate frizz and static, and this definitely worked for me, without a doubt. I used to have *the* most annoyingly static hair ever. Its also incredibly powerful, and things have been blown over in my room. 

Why are these not amazingly popular? Why has everyone and their dogs got GHD's when these are so. much. better?! I put it down to advertising, GHD have have a massive advertising campaign, have been the 'it' brand for hair styling, whilst Corioliss seem to have sat back and let it happen, I've never seen them advertised anywhere, even the website is pretty boring. It seems that a real brand 'image' is lacking here, maybe one day they'll catch up!

S xx

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  1. I have my trusted Revlon hairdryer, Braun curling iron and BaByliss YouCurl, but I am always tempted by GHD's funky product designs.

    Great pics!

  2. That is the power of advertising love the print of these must look awesome on the dressing table great pics too

    My blazer is by Farhi and my belt was a lucky find on ebay for a bargain 99p xoxo

  3. thanks for the nice comment! your blog is wonderful, love these pics!

  4. This is really cool, having fun it's all about fashion should be.

  5. They do look fab, thats kinda why I bought them in the first place, haha so glad I got sucked in! Obviously sometimes it must be okay to judge a book by its cover ;) xx


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