Sunday, 31 July 2011

Make up & jewellery storage (Feat. Muji)

I spent a long time looking for the perfect storage! I needed something compact enough to fit into the small space that I had available on my desk, and something relatively easy to organise so that I can find what I need quickly in the mornings. Some people are happy to use a make up bag or chuck everything into a box, but I often forget what I have, and wanted to showcase everything to myself daily!

I discovered these boxes from Muji. They're lightweight and clear, making it easy to see instantly whats where. I must admit that there's not much space to layer up, but I think that adds to the simplicity and organisation. Anything I don't use often is stored in a tower of small Ikea boxes on the floor.  . 

Most of my make up brushes are stored in a cheap lined basket within a paper tray built into my desk, along with some bigger eyeshadow palettes. My most used make up brushes however, sit in a Ikea vase, as they otherwise have a tendancy to get lost amongst a sea of eye make up brushes.

On  top of the acrylic boxes sit a small finger washing bowl from Ikea, in which a small collection of my rings sit, and the rest of my jewellery and lipsticks/glosses are again stored in clear acrylic kitchen accessories from Ikea, stuck to the wall!

As you can see, I have filled the largest of the two drawer sets with make up, and the smaller with mainly jewellery. When I first ever bought these, everything looked incredibly neat and organised, but this has decreased with the increase of make up and earrings that I've managed to cram in. 

Small pendant necklaces are stored in boxes within the acrylic drawers, but bigger ones are hung from a cheap coat hook. 

I hope that this has helped if you've been looking for new ways to store your make up and jewellery, how are you currently storing yours? 

S xx

(See my much improved wardrobe/make up room in my new place HERE)!


  1. love all those storage boxes! very organised im jealous :)

  2. Thats really pretty! I love muji stuff!

    Once I move to my "real" flat im going to muji it out haha.

    I agree about showcasing stuff you own, I always forget what I have because its all away in boxes :'(


  3. so neat and organised. My stuff is scattered, quite literally...

  4. great storage solutions, i think its so much better when you can see exactly what you have. i keep buying similar nail polishes because i have no idea what shades i have! i really must get some of those muji boxes xx

  5. Oh my god I need some Muji storage!
    I'm going to uni in september so in need of some storage for makeup, jewellery and art stuff. I recently brought this earring holder Which is reeeally handy!

    I love how those drawers are see through, I tend to forget what I have if i can't see it!

  6. So organized! you've inspired me to do some cleaning!

  7. I sooooo forget what I have! I have my make up in small boxes/baskets in the drawers. And the jewellery the same. I like to see what I have - just like you! X

  8. We're so impressed! Our make-up/jewellery is pretty much everywhere. You've inspired us to make the change! ;)

    T & J


  9. Love the draws so much :) what do they come under on muji I was looking at the jewellery box but I don't see the big one you have :( could you help please xx

  10. Hopefully this link will take you to the right place Jessica!

  11. If not though, try this one!! xx

  12. I've just discovered your blog from a link on Facebook - Love it! just been browsing, and stumbled upon this post. I've been looking for clear storage like this forever! Thank you!!

  13. Thank you whitelily!! Glad you enjoyed xx

  14. these are perfect! will be checking out muji! xx

  15. I am really impressed with your jewellery collection this is really pretty, no doubt!

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