Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Super easy, super soft // Lush hand treatment

I hate to waste things. My super sensitive skin used to go red after using Ocean Salt exfoliator, so I gave it up and went back to using something a lot kinder (and softer) on my face. My friend Martin who used to work at Lush told me of an amazing hand treatment using this product, and seeing as I already owned everything I 'needed' I decided to give it a go. That was a few years back and I still use the method to this day

My hands are the tools of my trade, and if anything is going to age early, it'll definitely be them. This, alongside using weights at the gym often leave my hands looking unloved and almost callused. I sometimes do this for my boyfriend with a hand massage when his hands feel tired; he reckons he's getting a treat but actually, I'm doing my own hands at the same time!

What you need:
Lush 'Lemony Flutter' cuticle cream
Lush 'Ocean Salt' sea salt exfoliator
Lush massage bar
Your favourite hand moisturiser (I use Lush Dream Cream or Olive, from a South African store).


1 // Wet your hands.
2 // Scoop some lemony flutter and ocean salt into your palm, about a 50p sized blob each.
3 // Rub together. If you're doing this to someone else you can gently massage between the bones of the hand and in the web spaces between the fingers.
4 // Rinse well.
5 // Rub massage bar between hands - This will make your hands feel quite waxy for a while.
6 // Finish off with standard moisturiser to seal .

Voila! Super soft hands in a jiffy!

S xx


  1. I love Lush's Lemony Flutter and Dream Cream.
    Haven't tried other products but this is a great post - my hands tend to get dry and red too so thank you for this post!


  2. look at you revealing insider secrets!! haha love it xx

  3. Oooh i gotta try this sometime :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. i looove lush stuff so i might try these soon! :D
    Rosie xo

  5. my hands are in dire need of tlc, this sounds perfect

  6. Fab post hunnie I will have to try. Thanks so much for your lovely comment.


  7. This sounds delicious. I can't walk past a Lush without its inviting scent beckoning me inside.

  8. Lovely post, your blog is wonderful ! I am following you with google friend connect =)
    I like to read your make up advices and also fashion advices ! Kisses from Italy and I'd be delighted if you followed back !

  9. That sounds soo nice for a hand treatment. Hmmm wonder when i'll go shopping next.
    I wish I could pull the hat off that is in my outfit post too, I think maybe with a certain hair style it would work.

  10. Your blog is so cute! Been wanting to try the cuticle butter :)

  11. Ocean salt is my all time favourite lush product but it is fairly abrasive so I’m not surprised it irritated your skin! I’ve been really eager to try the lemon flutter hand cream but I never seem to get around to picking it up! Your little method sounds really good, I’ll definitely be giving it a go! x


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