Thursday, 26 May 2011

I love it! // Nails

So this is my first attempt at 'nail art.' I have twitchy, shaky fingers and very little creativity, so have always stuck to single colours or coloured tips. I decided to give this style a go one day after work, and actually, I think it turned out okay, and definitely makes a welcome change, (my 7 year old nephew calls them 'rose petal' nails)! I do, however, think this is as far as I will go. Aztec, ice cream and leopard print nails seem a million worlds away.
But hey, if you've been avoiding fancy nails because you're as clumsy as I am - Give it a go and you might surprise yourself!

I used two shades of pink from BarryM, and a Collection 2000 eye-liner pen to create semi circles around the polka dots, and finished off with some clear top coat.

S xx


  1. I love these! The two pinks are very pretty x

  2. Ohh, fancy pants! They're very pretty :)

    My nails are so small (I have child hands I swear) I'm not sure nail art would work on me but your nails look a bit easier to replicate.

  3. Love them! My nail art is awful in comparison!!

    Tess xo

  4. This is so cute! Reminds me of an ice-cream sprinkles! :) And great picture to show it off! I've done really well. X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!

  5. honestly if you can master this you can totes do leopard print. i find leopard is easier when you have shaky hands coz you don't want the dots/lines to be perfect! try it! x

  6. Love these! I need to be more adventurous with nail designs in the future x

  7. fab nails! I have no patience for doing mine. Even one solid colour for me is a struggle. My left hand wobbles like mad. HAHA.

  8. Very nicely done, they look really professional.

  9. I have really shaky fingers too so i always seem to stuff up nail art. You've done a great job here! :) x


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