Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Birthday presents!

So it was my birthday yesterday, I thought it'd be nice to share with you what I got!

Bear Grylls is my (not so secret) potentially cringe-worthy crush, and my boyfriend seems to be encouraging this with dvds. Healthy? Who knows!
He also took me out to my favourite restaurant; he was trying to keep it a surprise, but half way there I figured it out, and he didn't know exactly where it was anyway so had to tell me. Smooth ;)
We also spent the day together yesterday. This mainly consisted of light shopping (I'd never normally subject the boy to the torture of shopping with me), Wagamamas, the lakeside, fajitas and a film. 

My friends got me some sanctuary goodies, a non-winning lottery ticket, 2 gorgeous Barry M nail varnishes and a gold 'apple' necklace.

The Chinese lanterns caused a slight drama. We lit one of them on Saturday, but it didn't last long and ended up starting a small fire in one of the neighbours garden, though it went out without any damage being caused, phew! I'll leave you to decide whether its hilariously funny or seriously concerning. 

A stupidly generous friend of mine treated me to some Jeffrey Campbell climber boots (I've wanted them for ages) and 2 tickets to see Lee Evans!

And then I treated myself. It'd be wrong not to, right?

CKin2u perfume. This takes me back to being 18 and working in Threshers, but its a lovely summery fragrance and I can't afford my favourite Gucci Flora anymore. I had 2600 points on my boots advantage card (cringe) so this was actually a freebie I suppose!

My all time favourite shampoo and conditioner - Redken All Soft. Its not cheap, but it lasts forever and is definitely worth it. I told myself ages ago that I couldn't afford it anymore, but why should I live with compromise all the time, when cheaper shampoos are a false economy anyway? They're half the price, but last half as long, and bring about half the results. Not really a competition really. Redken, I won't leave you ever again. (Unless I ever stumble across something seriously miraculous).

Diorshow blackout mascara. My other inevitably dried out recently, and no other mascara quite cuts it.

Thomas Sabo bracelet and charm. A new store has been recently opened in Milton Keynes and I was there yesterday. We popped into Specsavers and I knew we were next door. I snuck off and left the boy for literally minutes, and as he walked in to get me, I was stood at the till with a massive cheeky grin on my face, and then proceeded to point at it, er - all day...

So this wasn't exactly a birthday present, but it arrived on my doorstep yesterday, so it sure felt like one. A beautiful silky spearmint one at that. 
 Gossard recently asked me to take part in their 'gossard girl' blog, and I'm over the moon. Gossard has been my favourite lingerie brand for a couple of years now, and I own well over 50 of their sets. This is an absolutely divine addition to my collection; its so unlike any of the others I currently have - Why don't they run out of ideas?

Hope you've enjoyed having a nosey!

S xx 



  1. ooh you lucky lady you! love those boots x

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks as though you had a great time, with some lovely presents, that bracelet looks very pretty :)
    I've just found your blog and read all your posts, it's perfect :) xx

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday, looks like you got lots of wonderful goodies! The boots are amazing!

  4. I'm quite jealous of your lovely gifts.

    Thank you for the comment
    Peg x

  5. Awhh looks like you had a fab birthday :)) I'm loving the Thomas Sabo pearl bracelet I've been eyeing it up for a while might tell my mum to get it for me for my birthday! :) X

  6. Happy belated birthday!

    They're only small (in the photo) but the two nail polishes look like such pretty colours.

  7. happy birthday for yesterday! awesome buys! you have a vvery generous friend to get boots and tickets ;) xxx

  8. wow, thanks for sharing your birthday gift. I am soooo jealous of your climber boots. Your friend must really love you!
    Great haul!

  9. Looks like you got heaps of lovely stuff.


  10. happy birthday for yesterday :) xo

  11. Happy birthday! (Belatedly lol)
    I love Bear Grylls too ha-ha but I think my Boyfriend has a bigger man-crush on him than my girl-crush ha-ha. Maybe that's what's going on with yours? :P

    Lovely presents :D adore those boots!

    Just discovered your blog it's gorgeous - following now :)


  12. Happy belated birthday. Those boots are awesome and what a lovely friend.

    The upper arm cuff I had on in my post is by Day Birger it is old but they might still stock them and yes the fringing is a little dangerous esp when walking up stairs xoxo

  13. Just discovered your blog and i love it :) New follower!
    Happy belated birthday by the way, love the Thomas Sabo!


  14. Happy belated birthday! Some great gifts xoxo

    Enter my giveaway to win a pair of designer sunglasses

  15. Aww hope you had an amazing birthday, which from the sound of it and seeing your new JC boots you did xxx

  16. OMG just realised this is you Sarah, that sounds mad but on twitter photos are so small. Aww you should have said I would have give you twitter bday love, anyway loving your blog and your boots (again drool) xxx

  17. Yay for Redken all soft! My hair is super curly and I love that product, too! =)
    Kristina J.

  18. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you got great presents, love your boots xx

  19. Glad you had a lovely birthday! I love Bear Grylls too. Sounds like you were spoilt, very lucky :) xx

  20. Happy birth day hun!
    So amazing gifts!

    xoxo Ra

  21. Your very lucky. Love the boots! As well as tickets? I wish I knew your friend, she sounds amazing and must care for you a lot!

  22. Happy belated birthday!


  23. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has a crush on Bear Grylls. ha, Except when he does stuff like drink his own pee.. than he's not so attractive..
    ANYWAYS, I love the Thomas Sabo bracelet you treated yourself to. I love the pretty striped package it came in too.
    I hope you had an amazing birthday Sarah!


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