Friday, 18 March 2011

I love it! // Barry's Farm

Years ago I came across these gorgeous handmade laptop sleeves. However, I didn't have a laptop and therefore, admiring the cuteness was as far as I was going to go.
When I started University, though and got myself a laptop, I bought one of these straight away after having the site bookmarked all that time. The fact that I take my laptop into uni barely once a month had absolutely no restriction on my purchase. ;)

Seriously torn between the cupcake and hedgehog design, I settled for this one in the end and I'm still in love with it. It took over a month to arrive (maybe even more - and I'm seriously impatient when I know I'm expecting post), but its the most padded laptop sleeve I've *ever* seen, and knowing that it was handmade, made specifically for the size of my laptop, and comes from a small company just makes me feel a little more supportive and warm.

What are you loving most?!

What I'm not loving : Revision, ugh! My wall is covered in it.

S xx



  1. cuute! i need a new laptop sleeve so i'm going to check it out :)
    im loving tea at the moment, to help me deal with the mountains of uni work i have!
    good luck with your revision :) xxx

  2. Why didn't the two owls get married when it was raining?
    Because it was too wet to woo!

  3. Awww, those are adorable. They look like so much fun. I definitely need one of those in my life.

  4. those are really cute. think i might get one when i have money


  5. hey thanks for the cmt- market hq does ship to the uk


  6. so cutes! i bought an "apple" one off amazon for my macbook but its just a cheap, skint fake one haha :( xo.


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