Sunday, 30 January 2011

What I Wore

I definitely don't have any money spare to be buying things, but how could I resist this blouse? I'm not normally a fan of wearing pink shades, in fact, the whole style is not really 'me,' but recently I've found myself really drawn into the sheer floaty fabrics on the high street, I'm a convert! 

I absolutely adore the subtle shaping around the shoulders!

I wore it with a simple white bangle, which is part of a set from Accessorize, and a chunky 'LOVE' ring, which was £5 from Matalan. I'm pretty sure the exact same ring was £10 in Topshop! I carried a black clutch bag and black flocked Melissa heels adorned my feet!

I was going out for dinner with my boyfriend, so thought it would be nice to go for a soft romantic look, so only used brown shades around my eyes, and MAC Bombshell lipstick, which is a lovely sheer pink colour; (And big sparkly earrings to finish it all off)!

Looking back at these pictures, I've been pretty lucky with my hair colour. I had it dyed a pretty vivid red, way back in September and I'm still happy with it! It soon faded to a strawberry blonde which i loved, and now its pretty close to my natural colour. This works for me because my roots are about 2 inches - I just can't afford to get it done yet, yikes! Not sure what shade to go for next... Any suggestions? ;)

Blouse: New Look
Skinny Jeans: New Look
Ring: Matalan
Earrings: River Island

S xx



  1. I love the colour of the blouse,its near enough the same as the one I have in this entry: !! its a nice dusky colour! have you ever been blonde before?x

  2. I also love the subtle shaping around the shoulders! As for the white bangle, you know what I think about Bangles! :oD

  3. the blouse is adorable! also massively jealous of the shoes in the background! xo

  4. Love that blouse, I'm loving all the things with pretty collars on at the moment!
    Your shoes look very organised :)

  5. lovely outfit

  6. You have a stunning face and look utterly fab in that pretty blouse. Congratulations!

    Matt :-)


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