Sunday, 16 January 2011

Diorshow/ Diorshow Blackout Mascara

A good mascara has taken me *years* to find. However now I've found one that I'm going to stick with. 

After hearing good things, I first bought the Diorshow mascara because I didn't want to be overpowering for an 'everyday' look. It crumbled throughout the day and as a result I had a bit of fall out around my eyes, (So not sexy), but instead of just writing the mascara off, I visited the Dior counter but was refused a replacement. I wrote to Dior because I was a bit miffed to find an expensive mascara so rubbish. I sent mine back free-post, and they sent me a replacement which was fine, so maybe I had one from a bad batch! If yours does the same thing, get in touch with Dior, their direct customer service is pretty fantastic.

Anyway, the one thing that stands out as you open the mascara is the HUGE brush. Its almost impossible NOT to get mascara on your eyelids. You could use a business card pressed against your eyelid to protect from this, like so //

Right eye: Diorshow
This is a gorgeous mascara, it definitely does a good job at thickening, but after a while I started to get a bit bored and wanted something with more 'oomph' for a more night-time look.

Left eye: Diorshow Blackout

Can you really tell the difference? I know I can't here, except maybe the eyelashes look longer. Well, this is after a single stroke. It takes a few to get a similar effect with Diorshow.
Diorshow Blackout is a heavy pigmented black which is a perfect finish to a smoky look, and it does *everything* a good mascara should do, in my opinion. Its thickening and lengthening and holds a curl! 

 Maybe this will give you a better idea. The left eyelashes look thicker, no?

And here is my complete look after sorting out the odd mascara //

Foundation: Lancome Teint Idole Silky Mat
Powder: Lancome Colour Ideal Poudre
Contour bronzer: Lancome Star Bronzer Pudre Soleil
Blush: NARS Orgasm

Eyebrows: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
Eyeliner on waterline: Barry M Fat Kohl Pencil
MAC Pigment - Mango all over lid
Mac Pigment - Sunpepper in crease
Mac pigment - Copperclast on outer corner 
Liquid Liner: Lancome Liner Design
Mascara: Diorshow Blackout

(a touch of) YSL Rouge Pur 32

S xx


  1. thank you for your comment hun! the skirts from H&M, £10 in the sale but it's gone down to £5 now! X

  2. the mascara looks lovely and I'm glad you managed to sort out getting a replacement. it really puts me off a place when the customer service is bad. I suppose dior don't have a choice being a luxury brand and all

    Hannah xx

  3. your stunning i love all your make-up!

    im having an Alexander Wang esque studded bag giveaway that ends soon if you want to check it out hon xx

  4. Glad to hear the direct customer service is so great!

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