Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Most Wanted!

1. Knitted Cowl Top - £40  Topshop
2. Leather Bracelet - £25 Reiss
3. Silk Lurex Shirt - £110 Reiss
4. Stallion Top - £110 All Saints
5. Black Patent Bag - £39.99 River Island
6. Peter Pan Top - £19.99 New Look
7. Faux Fur Gilet - £48 Love@Topshop
8. Boots - £50 Topshop

I hate the cold wrath of winter as much as anyone. But what I hate most is the common impossibility of getting warm - Without looking like a prat, that is. Keeping things simple is my key, and I'm not one for layering up and struggling to move. I find most of what's on the high street during winter seriously inappropriate, and I suppose you can see by the items above, they're not too warming, but I'll carry on wanting them in yearning for the summer months to come by once more. 

What really angers me is the false economy which comes with fashion during the Christmas period. £60 for a jumper that's 100% acrylic? Its like wearing my old school uniform all over again, I just won't buy into it! And for a decent warming material such as cashmere or similar, you'll end up paying a pretty penny too - And for something I probably don't like that much, or isn't going to get seen for being hidden under a cardigan, scarf and a coat, I don't see the point. I usually stick to good old dispensable Primark for winter gear, and get a few gorgeous coats. <3

S xx



  1. Oooo i love that sheer silk shirt, it's gorgeous!

  2. Ahh that silk shirt looks so nice! Bit out of my price budget though!

    Hello by the way! Just found you through that offthehighstreet post I did, I'm frostthepie on LJ xx

  3. Totally know what you mean about having to pay ridiculous amounts for average clothes. I'm happy more for cashmere or wool if I like the item, but I'm also a fan of Primark for winter woolies. Easy to stock up on loads of things for a few pennies!x

  4. i love that leopard print shirt, but i do agree with you that pre-christmas prices were CRAZY this year.. and they'll not be too cheap with the new S/S stuff either! elle x

    i love that necklace, i think it goes perfectly with that new look shirt. thought i'd say hello, because i've just found & started following your blog. i love your style! ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

  5. Love that bag ! (:

    follow me :D



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